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The Last Immortal (2023)

MyAsianTv | The Last Immortal It tells an inspirational story that happens between Yin, a diligent Shuining Beast, and Gu Jin, the son of the true God, whose magic power was sealed. They met each other by accident and have embarked on the journey to find Feng Yin’s immortal essence since then. In company with their friends, including Hong Yi, a fox from the Demon Clan, and Yan Shuang, the Princess from the Eagle Clan, they fight against the odds to collect Feng Yin’s immortal essence along the way.

(Source: WeTV)

Adapted from the novel “Hidden God” (神隐) by Xing Ling (星零).

Original Network:Tencent Video

Director:Chan Ka Lam [陈家霖] and He Zhen Hua [何振华]


Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Deity, Demon, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia

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