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The Hope (2023)

MyAsianTv | The Hope Once a top lecturer, Lei Ming, who has experienced repeated failures in his attempts to start a business, applied for a high school teaching job. Lei Ming’s plan is to recruit students with potential and transform them from underperformers to sought-after students. A special class headed by English teacher Lei Ming and psychology teacher Sang Xia has been established as a way to help students reach their potential. Li Ran is an ordinary student who was orphaned at a young age. Despite being sick, his grandmother has been working hard to ensure that he will be able to go to university to realize his dream of working in robotics. Meanwhile, the filial Li Ran plans to drop out of school so he can earn money to cure his grandmother. Lei Ming is a teacher who won’t give up on any student, so he tries his best to prevent Li Ran from dropping out. He also brings Cheng Yushan and other students with problems into his class. Lei Ming and Sang Xia work hand in hand with their respective expertise in education and psychological counselling to help each student face many difficulties. In the end, the students work hard to get into the university of their choice and start the next journey in their lives MyAsianTv.


Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy, Youth.

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