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Rising Feather (2023)

MyAsianTv | Rising Feather Princess Qing Que, the orphaned daughter of Prince Huai, grew up in Mu Wang’s mansion, where she always received harsh treatment from Princess Mu Qing Cheng. While trying to escape from there, she meets Yun Huan. After saving each other, they promise to spend their lives together. Dramacool: However, though Qing Que gave him all her heart, Yun Huan rewarded her with a fatal blow. Dramacool: Qing Que, who had escaped death, then reincarnated as Que Er, wandering in a dangerous relationship between Mu Wang and Yun Huan, playing tricks on people’s hearts every step of the way Dramacool.


Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

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